Set up branding of internal mail for existing Office 365 customers


Thanks for using Black Pearl Mail for your new email branding, analytics and signature management. Note that you will need to have Admin access in order to implement the instructions below.

If you do not have Admin access, don't panic, we're always on hand to help you out. Just email us at or click on the orange support button in the bottom left corner of this page.


This article is specifically for existing customers who do not currently utilise Black Pearl Mail for branding their internal email.  You will currently on have one Connector relating to Black Pearl Mail.  If you are unsure remember, we're always on hand or have any feedback on these instructions.

If you have existing connectors, then it's up to you whether you create new connectors or modify existing ones.  The process below describes how to route your outbound email through the Black Pearl Mail platform. We're happy to discuss what might be the appropriate solution with your environment.

Login to the Exchange Admin Center.

Select mail flow, and then click connectors.

You should see one Outbound Connector relating to Black Pearl Mail.  For clarity we recommend you rename this connector to Black Pearl Mail Outbound. 

Choose + to add a second connector.

Select From: Your organizations server and To: Office 365 and click Next.

Name the connector Black Pearl Mail Inbound and click Next.

  1. Ensure By verifying that the subject name on the on the certifcate that the sending server uses to authenticate with Office 365 matches this domain is selected.
  2. Add *  
  3. Click Next.
  4. Click Save.

Choose the rules tab on the left and click the + to add a new rule.

  1. name the rule Black Pearl Mail
  2. click More options (down the bottom)
  3. choose Apply this rule if The sender is located.. Inside the organization
  4. choose Do the following... Redirect the message to... the following connector and choose Black Pearl Mail Outbound; then Save.
Ensure the Black Pearl Mail rule and connectors status is On and your setup is complete.  Note that the changes to the connectors may take up to 1 hour to propagate.  

You can send a test email to verify your outbound email is being routed via Black Pearl Mail.  If you have any queries please contact Support on the right hand side.

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