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How to manually set up Office 365 with Black Pearl Mail

This process describes how to route your outbound email through the Black Pearl Mail platform. Please note that you will need to have Admin access in order to implement the instructions below.

You'll be creating two connectors (inbound and outbound) and two rules.

Step 1: Log into your Office 365 account and click on "Admin" in the upper right-hand side.

Step 2: Click on "Show all" on the left-hand navigation.

Step 3: Click on "Admin centers"

Step 4: Click on "Exchange"

First we will create a send connector for outbound flow. 

Step 5: Select "mail flow" from the left-hand navigation, then select "connectors", and then Click "+" to add a new connector.
If you have existing connectors, then it's up to you whether you create new connectors or modify existing ones. We're happy to discuss what might be the appropriate solution with your environment.

Step 6: Change the From selection to "Office 365" & change the To to "Partner Organization".

Step 7: Name the New connector "Black Pearl Mail Outbound", ensure "Turn it on" is checked, then click "Next"

Step 8: Select "Only when I have a transport rule set up that redirects messages to this connector", click "Next"

Step 9: Select "Route email through these smart hosts", then click "+"

Step 10: Enter "", click "Save"

Step 11: Click "Next"

Step 12: Check the box next  "And the subject name or subject alternative name (SAN) matches this domain name:", enter "*", click "Next"

Step 13: Click "Next"

Step 14: Click "+"

Step 15: Enter "", click "OK"

Step 16: Click "Validate"

Step 17: Click "Close"

Step 18: Click "Save"
Please contact us if you results do not succeed.

That completes the steps to create the Outbound connector.

Next we will create a send connector for inbound flow.  

Step 1: Click "+"

Step 2: Change From to "Your organization's email server", change To to "Office 365",  click "Next"

Step 3: Enter "Black Pearl Mail Inbound", click "Next"

Step 4: Enter "*", click "Next"

Step 5: Click "Save"

That completes the steps to create the Inbound connector.

The final part is creating the rules which makes everything work.

Step 1: Select "rules" from the top navigation.

Step 2: Select
"Create a new rule"

Step 3: Name the rule "Black Pearl Mail" and then scroll down.

Step 4: Click on "More Options"

Step 5: Click on the drop down for "Apply this rule if" and select "The Sender..."

Step 6: Select "is external/internal

Step 7: Notice the text changes to "The sender is located". Select "Inside the organization" and click "OK"

Step 8: Under "Do the following..." select "redirect the message to..." and then select "the following connector"

Step 9: Click on "Select one..." then select "Black Pearl Mail Outbound", then click "OK"

Step 10: Under "Except if..." click on "add exception"

Step 11: Select "The message properties..." and then select "include the message type"

Step 12: Click on "Select one..." then select "Automatic reply", then click "OK"

Step 13: Under "Except if..." click on "add exception"

Step 14: Select "The sender"

Step 15: Select "domain is"

Step 16: Enter "" and click "+"

Step 17: Click "OK"

Step 18: Click "Save". That completes the first rule.

Step 19: Create the next rule. Click on "+"

Step 20: Select "Create a new rule"

Step 21: Enter "Internal Bypass" then scroll down.

Step 22: Click on "More options..."

Step 23: Under "Apply this rule if..." select "A message header..." and then select "matches these text patterns"

Step 24: Click on "Enter text"

Step 25: Enter "X-BP" then click "OK"

Step 26: Click on "Enter text patterns..."

Step 27: Enter "^*$" and click "OK"

Step 28: Click on "+" then click "OK"

Step 29: Under "Do the following..." select "Modify the message properties..." then select "set the spam confidence level (SCL)"

Step 30: Click on the drop down

Step 31: Select "Bypass spam filtering"

Step 32: Click "OK"

Step 33: Click on "add action"

Step 34: Select "Modify the message properties" then select "set a message header"

Step 35: Click on "Enter text..."

Step 36: Enter "X-MS-Exchange-Organization-BypassClutter" and click "OK"

Step 37: Click on "Enter text..."

Step 38: Enter "true" and click "OK"

Step 39: Click "Save"

Step 40: Make sure that you have "Internal Bypass" selected then click on the up-arrow.

Step 41: "Internal Bypass" should be the highest priority.

That completes the creation of the second and last rule.

Ensure the Black Pearl Mail rule and connectors status is On and your setup is complete.  

Note that the changes to the connectors may take up to 1-hour to propagate.  

You can send a test email to verify your outbound email is being routed via Black Pearl Mail.  If you have any queries please contact Support.

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