End User Introduction Template


We’ve just implemented a new email service called Black Pearl Mail to help with the branding and management of our outbound business emails.

How this affects you:

You don’t need to change any of your emailing behaviour. Just send emails as per normal from your computer, smartphone or tablet. The only difference you will notice is that your signature and disclaimer are not on the email when you compose it. This is because your personal signature information and company branding is added at email server level after you send the email.

Regardless of what device you send from your email will look professional and well branded.


What does my email look like?

To see for yourself email your personal email account [or a colleague].

What do I do if my personal information is incorrect?

Please email [INSERT] with the information that needs to be updated in our central system.

An email I sent had the it’s images blocked. Why?

It is normal that a small percentage of your outbound emails will have their images blocked.

This is because some recipients email clients (e.g. Microsoft exchange 2003) have images blocked by default. The content of your email is not affected by this.

My email was put in the recipient's spam folder. Why?

Please go to http://blackpearlmail.com/spam-investigation/ and complete form. Remember that some recipients anti-spam can block email based off key words and attachment types. You may like to revise the content of the email you sent.

Cool New Feature:

By placing [follow] at the beginning of your email subject (including the square brackets), you will receive an email notification when your email has been opened by the recipient. Note that the [follow] is stripped from the email when it is sent, so the recipients will not receive it.  This is a powerful tool for email transparency, and brings about confidence in an otherwise blind world of email delivery.

Also, note that you are not guaranteed to be notified if a user opens an email.  There are certain situations (such as when a user does not display images in your email).  However, if you do receive you a follow notification you can be sure they have opened your email.

That’s all for now. You may want to save this email for further reference.

Kind regards,

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