Domino (Lotus Notes) Setup


Thanks for using Black Pearl Mail for your new email branding, analytics and signature management. Note that you will need to have Admin access in order to implement the instructions below.

If you do not have Admin access, don't panic, we're always on hand to help you out. Just email us at or click on the orange support button in the bottom left corner of this page.

How it works

The globally distributed Black Pearl Mail technology applies your branding and signatures on outgoing emails. This allows branding to be applied consistently on all emails, even when you send from your mobile phone or tablet. It also lets you manage your branding and signatures centrally in the online dashboard, and generates analytics and reporting on your outgoing email traffic e.g. Sender, Recipient, Subject, Date sent, received and opened.

As your new email branding is applied after the email is sent you should remove your old signature in your email client (desktop, laptop, tablet and/or mobile devices).

We highly respect your privacy and security, and as such do not store the content of your emails.


To have your new email branding applied, follow the instructions below. Remember, we're always on hand if you get stuck or have any feedback on these instructions.

Depending on your environment you may have all servers routing external mail directly to the internet, or you may be doing this via one Domino server or another type of server (such as a Linux Sendmail server).  Assuming the server(s) routing mail to the internet is a Domino server then all that is required is to update the Configuration Settings document for the server(s):
  1. From the Domino Administrator, click the Configuration
  2. Choose Configurations
  3. Select the Configuration Setting document and then click Edit Configuration
  4. Click the Router/SMTP - Basics tab and  add entry for Black Pearl
  5. Relay host messages leaving the local Internet domain:
  6. These changes will not take affect until the next Router configuration update (to force an immediate update from the server console enter: Tell router update config).
If you need any further advise on setting up Black Pearl in a Lotus Notes environment, please contact Support from the link on the right hand side of this page, or via Live Chat.

As always, we're on hand if you get stuck - just email us on or log into Black Pearl Mail and click on Live Support

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