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How do I create a new template?

Step 1: From the Templates Tab, select Add Template.

Step 2: Layout Design - Set the layout of your email template.
  • Do you want a border?A border will make your email a fixed width and center it on the screen. 
  • Turn it on and select one of the Preset Colors to see how it looks.
  • Adding a background color can make your email look like a letter.
  • Select Custom to select or enter Hex or RBG values for specific colors to match your brand.
  • Try turning it On and Off to see the differences.
  • You can change this anytime.

Click Next.

Step 3: Define your Signature Style
  • Do you want a signature? Turn off the signature to ONLY use Black Pearl Mail for Top & Bottom Level Branding/Ads
  • Your existing company signatures continue to apply
Step 4: Select one of our Web-Safe fonts

Step 5: Select a Font color.
  • Use a Preset color or select Custom to enter a Hex or RGB value to match your exact brand color
  • This color is applied only to the User Name and Organization/Company Name

Step 6: Select a Font size. Chose between Small - Medium - Large

Step 7: Turn On or Off the Profile Picture. If turned On and a User doesn't have a picture in their profile, no picture will be displayed and the Signature will left justify. 

Profile Picture Turned On:

Profile Picture Turned Off:

Step 8: Chose a size (small-medium-large) for the Profile Picture.

Step 9: Chose horizontal alignment (Left or Right).

Step 10: Chose vertical alignment (Top, Middle, Bottom).

Click Next.

Step 11: Chose to have Social Media icons On or Off. If On, icons will only display where a valid URL has been entered. If you do not have a value enter, those icons will not display.

Step 12: Chose the shape of the social media icons.

Step 13: Chose the color of the social media icons. You can use the Brand colors of the social media companies or you can chose a solid color.

Use a solid color or chose Custom to select a color to match your brand.

Step 14: Chose how you want the icons to be aligned.

Step 15: Select the size (small-medium-large) for the icons.

Click Next.

Step 16: Turn on and select Insert to add a Logo/GIF to the top of your template.

Browse to the location of your logo file. We accept just about any image file type including GIFs. The ideal size for a logo is 250px x 250px. We provide some basic editing options but recommend that you size the image before inserting.

If your logo looks too big, you can adjust it. Click on Edit to make changes. You can have the logo linked to a URL so when clicked on it will take the recipient to a specific URL (Home page, YouTube Channel, etc).

Select Resize and then drag a corner to make the image smaller.

Select Crop and drag a corner to make the canvas smaller.

Now you can see the logo is smaller.

You can also have full width image (680px x 200-250px) at the top of the template instead of a logo. Click Remove.

Click OK to remove the image.

Click Switch to full width image.

Click Insert and browse to where you have the image.

You have those same basic editing tool but really want the image to be sized correctly before inserting (680px x 200-250px).

Now you have a full width image at the top instead of a logo. This could also be an animated GIF! If you want to go back to a logo (250px x 250px) click remove and then select Switch to a regular image.

Step 17: Next you can chose to have an image above the signature (between the signature and the email body text). And you can also have an image at the bottom of your email. This is an ideal location for marketing campaigns, offers, or event info. 

Turn on and select Insert to add a Logo/GIF to the bottom of your template.

Browse your computer to find the image. You can use the Resizing and Cropping tools but we highly recommend sizing the image to 680px x 200-250px before inserting.

You can link the image to a specific URL.

Click Next.

Step 18: Adding a Disclaimer. Click to turn On Disclaimer.

Type or copy and paste your disclaimer text.

Select your Font, Font Color, Font Size, and alignment.

Click Next.

Step 19: Preview your Template. Here you can see how your Template will look on different devices (desktop, tablet, phone) as well as see how user data will be presented. You can only see user data after you have added users.

Click Next.

Step 20: Give your template a Name and description (if you want). Click Save.

Wait until the Template saves then you can navigate away.

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