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Groups Page Overview

Click on the Groups tab to:

  • View all groups in the organization, including the ‘Default Group’ which contains all users
  • Add new groups
  • Select the template for new emails for users in a group
  • Select the template for reply/forward emails for users in a group
  • Specify when templates should be applied
  • Select the domains able to be included in a group
  • Show users not currently in a group
  • Add users to a group
  • Search for users within a group
  • Remove users from a group
  • Rename a group
  • Add common signature information applicable to all users in a group
  • Delete groups

Signature details applicable to the whole group can be added in ‘Modify Group Information’. These details will be applied to user signatures if a user does not have specific details for a field in their profile in the People tab. If certain fields are left blank here, they will inherit values from Company Settings. This makes it easy to add details that are applicable to many users like addresses and main phone numbers.

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