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Templates Page Overview

Click on the Templates tab to:

  • View a list or thumbnails of all your organization’s templates
  • Search for templates
  • Add new templates
  • Edit templates
  • Customize template layout
  • Choose how your signature text will look
  • Add social media icons to your signatures
  • Add your latest branding images to your email templates
  • Add your organization’s disclaimer
  • Preview how your emails will look on desktop, tablet or phone for any user loaded in your account
  • Send a test email to yourself to see how your template will look on your emails
  • Duplicate templates
  • Remove templates

This is where templates are created to then be selected to apply to groups of users in the Groups tab.

Templates can also be created here to be set in Groups for reply or forward emails sent by group members (otherwise a simplified default reply/forward template can be applied).

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