My email went into a Junk Folder

Black Pearl's infrastructure is designed for high availability and deliverability which should greatly reduce the chances of ending up in junk mail.

Black Pearl have spent a lot of time perfecting DNS, reverse DNS, SenderID, SPF, DKIM, whitelisting and feedback loops, which are all critical in improving your deliverability. 

If your email is finding itself in your recipients Junk email box then the first thing to check is that you have made the correct additions to your SPF records as per Black Pearl Setup instructions. You can access this information via your Dashboard but selecting 'Go Back To Setup' and scrolling down to Direct Outbound Email instructions. Additional information on SPF and DNS records can be found under the Deliverability section of this Knowledge Base. 

You can verify that you have entered the SPF records correctly by clicking the Verify button on the Direct Outbound Email section of the Setup page.

As always, we're on hand if you get stuck - just email us on or log into Black Pearl Mail and click on Live Support

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