This features the template options you can select and customise. These templates have been specially designed and coded so that they render well on all devices (including smart phones and tablets).

A detailed explaination of the design factors of each template can be found by selecting the template and selecting Preview.

Primary and Secondary colours relate to different things in different templates (for example Primary colour does not relate to Position colour in all templates). Once again refer to the detailed explanation of each template to see what each colour relates to. The colour selector uses Hex (hexadecimal) notation.

You may be required to alter the size of your logo or image so that it is well balanced in the template you choose. This can be easily done on your computer via any picture editing program. The recommended banner image dimensions are 560 x 138 pixels.

Once you have designed your template you can select Preview to review your design or Send Test Email to email yourself a sample. 

Note: You may have to select ‘See Images’ in your email client to see the full design as it is the first time our email server will have emailed you and the Send Test Email service does mnot utalise our Trail Blazer technology. See http://http://support.blackpearlmail.com/knowledgebase/articles/186126-trail-blazer-email and http://support.blackpearlmail.com/knowledgebase/articles/187626-email-clients-blocking-images for more on there topics.

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