Email Accounts

This is the section where you input individual users information. You can either manually enter in each individual’s information or bulk import via the File Upload option. 

If you are doing a staged rollout then just enter the initial users at this stage. You can add additional users in the Dashboard.

Note: Name, Position and mobile number are the most important fields as they directly relate the individuals signature information in the templates.

File Upload is a simple way of inputing a large amount of users. When you select File Upload a pop up box will appear which enables you to download a .CSV file with the applicable fields for populating in the correct format (this is done from your spreadsheet program like Excel, Numbers or Google Spreadsheet). Once you have completed populating this file save it to your hard-drive or desktop and upload it via selecting 'Choose File' from the File Upload Box.

Note: You can alway add, remove or edit users at any stage via the Dashboard

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