Black Pearl is a fully automated, do-it-yourself email letterhead and email management service. 

You do not need design skills, coding skills or an IT background to implement professional email branding. You can design and implement company-wide branding and signatures easily in around 10 minutes.  Once you have created your business account and initial template activating Black Pearl is a simple two step process. 

Step one is a simple outbound mail relay at email server level (i.e. Microsoft Exchange, Google, Microsoft 365, etc.). Therefore only one change is made a exchange level and your companies e-letterhead branding is pushed out to either select groups of users or company wide. There is also an option for POP/IMAP users, however this requires a small change on each device sending email from that domain. 

Typically the implementaion process takes between 10-15 minutes for an individual with low-medium IT ability.

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