Exchange 2000 Setup


Thanks for using Black Pearl Mail for your new email branding, analytics and signature management. Note that you will need to have Admin access in order to implement the instructions below.

If you do not have Admin access, don't panic, we're always on hand to help you out. Just email us at or click on the orange support button in the bottom left corner of this page.

How it works

The globally distributed Black Pearl Mail technology applies your branding and signatures on outgoing emails. This allows branding to be applied consistently on all emails, even when you send from your mobile phone or tablet. It also lets you manage your branding and signatures centrally in the online dashboard, and generates analytics and reporting on your outgoing email traffic e.g. Sender, Recipient, Subject, Date sent, received and opened.

As your new email branding is applied after the email is sent you should remove your old signature in your email client (desktop, laptop, tablet and/or mobile devices).

We highly respect your privacy and security, and as such do not store the content of your emails.


To have your new email branding applied, follow the instructions below. Remember, we're always on hand if you get stuck or have any feedback on these instructions.

If you have existing connectors, then it's up to you whether you create a new connector or modify an existing one. The process below describes how to route your outbound email via a single connector through the Black Pearl Mail platform. We're happy to discuss what might be the appropriate solution with your environment.

This process draws on the instructions in Microsoft Technet Article:
How to configure the SMTP connector in Exchange 2000

To modify the Default SMTP Connector to relay all Outbound mail via the Black Pearl Smart Host

  1. Start Exchange System Manager.
  2. For more information about how to configure Exchange System Manager to display Routing Groups and Administrative Groups in Exchange Server 2000, see article:
    Microsoft Exchange 2000 - SMTP and Displaying Routing Groups & Administrative Groups
  3. Expand the Administrative Groups container. To do so, click the plus sign (+) to the left of the container.
  4. Click the administrative group that you want to work with, and then expand it.
  5. Expand the Routing Groups container.
  6. Click the routing group that you want to work with, and then expand it.
  7. Click the Connectors container. By default there is an SMTP connector called “SMTP Connector”. You can either modify it, or create a new connector.
  8. Right-click the default SMTP Connector and select Properties.
  9. Select the General tab.  Under SMTP Connector, the default selected option is “Use DNS to route to each address space on this connector”.
  10. To route ALL mail defined in Address Space via the Black Pearl Smart Host, select option “Forward all mail through this connector to the following smart hosts”.
  11. Click in the empty field immediately below, and type in

  12. Click Apply to apply any changes.
  13. Select the Advanced tab.  The default “Do not send ETRN/TURN” is correct for Black Pearl Mail:

  14. Click the Outbound Security… button, and then select the “Anonymous access” option.

    (No credentials are required by Black Pearl Mail, as relay permission is provisioned for you by our staff.)
  15. Click OK to exit Outbound Security.
  16. Click Apply to apply any changes.
  17. Click OK to exit the SMTP Connector.
  18. You must restart the Microsoft Exchange Routing Engine service and the SMTP service for these changes to take effect.

As always, we're on hand if you get stuck - just email us on or log into Black Pearl Mail and click on Live Support

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