About Office 365 Plans and FOPE Administration

Office 365 and Exchange Online Plans

Not all Office 365 plans can have their outbound mail directed through alternate Smart Hosts.  This is true of the P1 Plan (designed for Small Business use) where outbound routing is unable to be re-configured...

  • The only way to utilise Black Pearl Email when you are using the P1 Plan, is to change the SMTP Outbound server in each email client, to point to smtp.blackpearlmail.com…
  • This needs to be done for every user under the P1 Plan
  • Mail sent from the P1 online portal (web interface) will not be sent via Black Pearl in this configuration

At time of writing, in all other Office 365 / Exchange Online Plans, the outbound mail is directed using “Forefront Online Protection for Exchange” (FOPE).

Note: When working in FOPE, hyperlinks or other elements may become unresponsive if left idle for too long.  This can be caused by a timeout of your login credentials.  To fix, sign out of the Office 365 Portal completely, then sign back in and enter FOPE Administration again.

To start the FOPE Administration Center in a typical Office 365 Portal

  1. Log into the Microsoft Office 365 Portal (typically https://portal.microsoftonline.com).
  2. In the Outlook screen, click on Options at top right to drop down a menu.
  3. Click on See All Options…
  4. In the new screen hover over Manage Myself at top left and from the resulting drop-down menu, select My Organization.
  5. Click on the new menu option at left, Mail Control.
  6. Click on the Configure IP safelisting, perimeter message tracing, and e-mail policies hyperlink on the right-hand side for launching the FOPE Administration Center in a separate window.  Make sure pop-up blockers are not in effect.

  7. See Note above regards leaving the FOPE Administration Center idle for too long.

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