Importing Users to the People Tab (CSV File)

Importing Users to the People Tab

1. Click on the People tab and select the Import / Export option.

2. Tick the 'Pre-populate with existing users (export)' option. Then click Download as .CSV. This will download a CSV file to your computer that can be opened in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or an equivalent program.

3. Populate the spreadsheet with any new users' details and update existing users.  Note: When adding email addresses ensure domains have previously been added to your Black Pearl Mail account in the "Mail Settings".

4. Once fields have been populated re-download or save the spreadsheet as a CSV file. Generally this option can be found under File > Download as > Comma-separated values (.CSV, current sheet).

5.  Return to the Black Pearl Mail app to the People tab. Select the Import / Export option and click 
Import from CSV. Find the updated import CSV file and open.

6. If any users fail to upload check their details for irregular symbols and ensure their email address matches a domain entered into the account.

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