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Adding Groups

Adding Groups

Groups is a powerful feature where you can apply specific templates to people or teams within your organization.

1. Click on the Groups tab and click on Add New Group.

2. Name your new group and click the template dropdown box to select the template you would like applied to users in this group. You can also choose which domain(s) users in this group can have. For example if you would like to use the group for a different company brand, you can select only this brand's domain for the group. This will ensure users from outside the brand are unable to be added to this group.

3. For convenience you can also choose to 'Add all users in these domains to this group'. For example if you have selected just one brand's domain, this option allows you to add all users with email addresses @ this domain to the group.

4. Click Save to create the new group. You will be returned to the Groups tab.

5. Click on Modify Group Information. You can now add details that are applicable to the whole group. If a user does not have specific details for a field in their profile (in the People tab) it will use the data from the group. If there is no data at the group level it will take it from the Company Settings. This makes it easy to add details that are applicable to many users like addresses and main phone numbers etc.

6. Click Save to make the changes. These details will apply to users assigned to your Group.
To delete the group, remove all of the users then select Modify Group Information and select the Delete option.

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