Black Pearl Mail Bypass (for Office 365)

**Disclaimer: Only implement this rule change under the direction of Black Pearl Mail Support**
If you have any queries please contact Support by clicking the Support button on the right hand side of the page. 

Login to the Exchange Admin Center.

Select mail flow, and then Rules.

Click to edit your Black Pearl Mail
 rule (using the pencil icon).

Click add Exception

Choose 'The subject or body..'

Choose 'subject matches these text patterns'

Type \[BYPASS\] into the textbox (including the square brackets [] and back slashes \\ ).

Click the + button to add the word.

Click OK to save the exception.


Click Save to update the Rule.

Ensure the Black Pearl Mail rule and connectors' statuses are still On.

Your setup is complete.  Note that the change to the rule may take up to 1 hour to propagate.  

You can send a test email with [BYPASS] in the subject line to verify your outbound email is not being routed via Black Pearl Mail in this instance (Note: including the square brackets [] ).
Be sure to send a test email to a personal email address or a separate company email address.

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